Boromir Black Violet


Whetu - the "jump-up dog"

Twelve years ago a little 8 week old black and white bull terrier bitch puppy officially became an Irwin. She was a new generation of bully for us and from a different breeder (Boromir) and an absolute "wilful, self-opinionated, obstinate bitch" I had ever come across. She thought she could rule the house and all inside, however the cat (who thinks she is a bull terrier) decided to lead the charge in sorting this stroppy young lady out and she did.


The end result was the finest, sweetest tempered, mother to all and sundry bitch in the whole world. She became the love of Rich's (husband) life and a key part of our family in that she provided unconditional love and support to everyone, was stoic in the face of our temper tantrums and delighted to be a part of any festivities going. In fact one Christmas day evening she snuck into the lounge and proceeded to take the foil off the chocolates and then eat a number of them. Oh yes, the vets know my dogs really well! Maa and fish hooks - now thats another story.


Although Whetu only had two litters and about six phantom ones, she has gone on to be the wonderful foundation of my kennel Manawatoa and produce a number of champions who in turn have sired or produced champions - like Maa (Whetu's son) and Dace (Whetu's grandson). When her daughter Bless had her litter and then went home leaving seven puppies behind, grandma ended up taking control of the babies and helped to raise her grand daughter KIhi, teaching her to be the next "jump up dog".

The name Whetu the "jump up dog" was bestowed upon her by our close friends little girl, because when Whetu was young she delighted in jumping up at everyone and everything. She also believed she had some "gazelle genes" because she believed that she could bring down planes as they flew above her. No she didn't chase cars, she aimed for higher much larger things.


Bull terriers are such stoical dogs - which doesn't seem to go with the hysteria that occurs when you bring out the nail clippers - but I mean, with the big pains. They keep on doing everything you ask of them even when it must be causing them great pain and suffering. Whetu got a large cyst on her back which we thought had been benign, but evidently those horrible things can send tendrils down into other places. She was operated on, bounced back to her old self and then started to slow down, she was eleven but she was a very fit and active dog - long walks tired her out, her appetite decreased - we went to the vets, many times and she who is terrified of needles had to go through a series of injections and treatments. Whetu by this time was eating a small handful of food a day and only because I wanted her too - finally the vets x-rayed her and found that she had this massive tumour in her lungs which had almost closed her asophagus which is why she couldn't eat because she could hardly swallow.

Then I had to make the hardest decision to let her go; not wanting to lose her because we all loved her so much is not a good enough reason to let her struggle on. On Wednesday the 14th of February 2012, 6 weeks before her 12th birthday Whetu was put to sleep and NIwha (son) and I dug her grave under her favourite pepper tree where she used to do the "bully trance".

Whetu is sorely missed, and although we have one of her great grand daughters now - creating havoc and challenging for the "jump up dog" title she will never be replaced and stays fresh in our thoughts, memories and hearts.


Kia kaha, kia manawanui e hoa.

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