Kihi (13/03/2010 - 19/01/2021)

(CH Tumanako O Manawatoa)

On Tuesday the 19th of January 2021, the matriarch of our bull terrier whanau Kihi, lost her short but valiant fight against an insidious cancer that entered her lungs and grew so rapidly that at the end her every breath was a struggle. She would have been 11 in the beginning of March. Although she wanted to stay for her human whanau, she tried to eat, tried to be her old self, tail wagging, gamely trying to follow - her eyes told you a different story. "Time to let me go" and it was the right thing to do, to release her so she could fly free.

When the time came Kihi went ever so quietly and gently into the long night and she has walked across the Rainbow Bridge where Maa, Dace, Bless and Whetu were waiting for her. It is a strange thing to say about the death of your dog but her passing was beautiful our Kihi was so ready. She just let go, relief.

Too often we hold on to our loved bullies because we don't want to let them go, can't bear the thought of life with them not in it. But, we must have the strength and courage to do the right thing by them, release them into the long night. I still step over Maa in the kitchen and when it's late at night, I think I can hear Kihi's nails clicking lightly on the passage way floor as she makes her way to sleep on our bed. They take a piece of our heart and leave us a bit of theirs definitely a fair trade.